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Up above

I stop by everyday to see how you're doing. If she is giving you the right love. Whether she's feeding your life with joy and happiness.
I'm sad you've let her into our home. That was our sanctuary. But that's okay. I no longer exist for you. I am just a confused memory to your brains. Someone you think you've met. Someone that caused you so much pain, you decided to erase it from your heart. But that's OK, I get it. I wanted to do it as well, but I'm not quite capable of such. 
I'm glad you seem happy. That you've been in love with her, and she's having your baby. I know you forgot ours. We had no babies, but many plans of having them. You took her to Disney, proposed her in from of that beautiful castle, lighted with fireworks. You are getting married within a year. The baby's going to be quite young, but that's okay, your mom loves her and will take good care of him/her while you two go on your honeymoon. 
I hope you love her. I hope you take good care of her. She has no part on our story. I'll look after you two from up above.